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americans or it was just gross incompetence. now, susan rice, who is the u.n. ambassador at this point was pretty much the point person on this:j the administration. she went out on the sunday shows and first said it was not a planned terrorist attack about the was the result of a spontaneous demonstration. she is now being mentioned as one of those being considered for secretary of state. do you think what she said during the early days of this investigation, should that factor in any way on whether she should be considered as secretary of state? >> absolutely wot a doubt. i generally defer to presidential selections for cabinets and judges. i voted for both supreme court judges, not because i would have chose them, because the president has a lot leeway, and if they're qualified people, i tend to support presidential picks. however, i do reserve unto myself and other members of congress the ability to say no when justified. i cannot imagine promoting anybody associated with benghazi at this point. it's not just what he said after. how did the place become a death trap for months why
of susan rice to be secretary of state. a lot of people in the administration say she is the odds-on favorite to replace hillary clinton because of her performance on television after it the benghazi attacks when she said it was the result of spontaneous demonstrations in ejim, and not-- and was not a terrorist attack. are you standing fast on that? >> well, she has a lot of explaining to do, and i'm curious why she has not are you puddated those remarks. on this show, the libyan national president, obviously, said it was al qaeda. bob, this goes back to the beginning, this light footprint policy of this presidency. after we helped the libbians oust gaddafi, they need a lot of help-- and they could pay for it, by the way, with an army, secure the borders, get rid of these militias -- it was in a country that was basically chaotic, and we did almost nothing. and then there became these reports from our embassy and other personnel about attacks on our embassy twice, both in april and in june. the assassination attempt on the british ambassador. the british closed their consulate. th
, and when susan rice went on television, went on this program to talk about what she knew, she took perhaps the most benign interpretation of the information in front of her. but to be clear, this happened in the political season when everything is politicalized and looked through the prism, and i think it's-- we knew what we knew at the beginning and that really hasn't changed. >> schieffer: do we think they changed this around for political reasons, tom? >> i think the phrase "in the political season" is the most importance phrase. it really strikes me that no one can tell me how many security contractors were killed in the iraq war. i've looked into this, working on my books on the iraq war. everybody seems to tell you about the four people in benghazi. so i'm a little bit suspicious of the motive in talking about benghazi so much when nobody's paying attention to this stuff for years. >> i would just make one point, dirty little secret here is that our intelligence analysts don't know even now how all these factors came together outside the consulate on the night of september 11 so that
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)